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We are the best coordinator company in Japan for supporting with project shoots from overseas. From management of comprehensive projects for Japanese coverage, to services associated with production… Because we are a professional Japanese team with a wealth of experience in overseas coverage, we understand the needs of all inbound visitors when they come to Japan, and we are also able provide them with an extensive depth of services. There are many unique business customs in Japan, so having knowledge and experience of both market and industry are essential to the quality, success, and maximum efficiency of your shoot.


For production teams such as TV programs, movies, commercials, dramas, or magazines that come to Japanese for coverage and filming, as well as for private journalists or photographers, we offer our accompaniment to the filming location to support in any and all facets. By collaborating with our unique network expanding from the Tokyo Metropolitan area to all throughout Japan to include public facilities, private facilities, members of the filming business, affiliates, and region locals, we serve as a point of contact to support the smooth production of television programs, film, dramas, commercials, and so on.

After receiving a request prior to the client’s coming to Japan–and after a series of preliminary briefing sessions via email or phone–we: negotiate with the interviewee/film subject; coordinate planning for the coverage location; complete preliminary permissions applications; coordinate scheduling for such activities as filming and interviewing; translate required documents; and provide interpretation at the location of filming.
Because we provide assistance with all preparations in order for you to make the most of your limited time, you can guarantee quality without incurring costs.

Busy overseas media officials (especially for journalism coverage) often make sudden visits to Japan. When you come to Japan, the fixer responsible will accompany you, providing you with all the accurate information and answering your requests to the degree possible at the location of filming in order to support you at any time during your project in Japan.


We offer general coordination of filming from overseas. You can use our services, such as:

Assigning professionals, such as
A professional coordinator who best satisfies your needs so that all project processes run smoothly
Interpreters who are familiar with media assignments, i.e. shooting for television/film and advertisement photography, and the filming location
Local assistants who well-versed in the location of your filming needs
Conducting essential preliminary research upon request, i.e. the information necessary for your successful coverage in Japan
Shooting on behalf of the client in the case that it is not possible to come to Japan; including everything from necessary coverage to filming, editing and entire packaging.
Drone shoot including film permission and operation
Handling cast recruitment, auditions and selection. Extras can also be arranged.
Location planning / arrangements & reservations / schedule coordination
Performance offer / overage permissions / fieldwork / film permission applications
Accompanied coverage as well as Japanese/English/Chinese interpretation
Arrangement of equipment, catering, accommodation facilities, etc. / vehicle arrangements and operations
Japanese/English/Chinese translations,

In addition to all the operations above, we can also assist in the in the coordination of personal sightseeing before/after the shoot.

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